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Improve production value, retain top talent,
and grow human capital.

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  • Stop the Talent Turnover

Hiyer is here to help proactively keep a pulse on your company culture.

We want to help employers and top talent better connect, more strongly collaborate, and build transformative pathways forward — together.

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  • Talent Acquisition and Retention

Keep Your Top Performers

Hiyer optimizes value production and minimizes costs of human capital loss through survey metrics which generates proprietary scoring and meaningful measures for direction action levers to improve your company’s overall corporate quality.

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  • Objective Measures for Corporate Quality and Company Culture

Make Data Driven Decisions

Hiyer produces a company HiyerScore by measuring corporate quality. Suggested management levers are highlighted to what you might consider to gain in revenue, production value, and human capital.

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The Workforce Performance Problem

Unintentional Tolerance to Mediocrity Leads to Burnout

This metric is also highly associated with workforce members feeling burnout and distrust.

72% of line staff feels they are burning out in some way; 80% of management feels the same.

A Disengaged Workforce Disrupts Production

Over 50% of the workforce reports they have no intention to stay with their employer within the next 12 months.

Only 25% feel truly positive about their tenure over the same time period.

Lack of Confidence in the Organization Lowers Performance

Less than 50% of the workforce feels they can confidently recommend their employer organization for their own purveyed goods and services. Only 20% will commend their employer for a positive workplace culture.

The Hiyer Solution

Let’s Get Data Driven!

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Hiyer is more than just another workforce engagement tool. It is an entire business intelligence platform designed to improve performance across all tiers of employees, to keep top tier talent in a measurable and meaningful way, and to elevate workforce production value by highlighting key management levers previously left undiscovered in legacy evaluation systems.

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